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VillaRamadas GGZ is a international treatment centre, that had started in Portugal and has been treating addicted guests since 2001. We have treating more them 2.800 guests from 38 different countries and from Netherlands around 450 guests have receive guidance in ours diferentes residencies.

We believe that our guests have not consciously chosen to become addicted. But they are responsible for recovery and for choosing the right treatment for sustainable recovery.

Our mission is "making life possible". It is to support and guide guest to live a fulfilled life in the present moment. Our new advanced therapeutic model used at our Luxury Clinics, involves a tailored made programme for the individual needs of each guest.

Seaside Luxury Clinic

We promote personal development and assist individuals to accept responsibility for their own choices.

Our primary purpose is to introduce guests to a long-lasting recovery. We treat many disorders from chemical, behavioural or emotional issues for men and women. You can contact us 24/7 and we have a waiting list of two weeks.

Belive in You! Change Your Life.

Our Experts

Our team is a multi disciplinary group of Psychiatrist, Physician, Clinical Psychologist, Psychologists, Addiction Counsellors and Nurses who live, on a daily basis, the philosophes that form the basis of our treatments. Every individual team member is focused on the guest's recovery process within his or her area of expertise.

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Our Experts


Time is our most precious gift.

VillaRamadas GGZ allows a guest to enter into a recovery programme without the constraints of time. We will work with the guest directly or the Health insurance provider to work within the time constraints.

The therapy will be paced at the guests pace and therapy will be interspaced with trips to the local area for sightseeing and leisure activities.

Private guests can do a VIP treatment of three weeks in a Luxury Suites.

Privately & Individually

On every level our treatment is private and individually.

From our online or presencial assessment, during your the stay in one of our residencies until the return home a guest's anonymity is important to our team.

We accept guests from independent referrals and via health insurance providers. All documentation is handled with sensitivity with our experienced Doctor and Admissions team.

Just as every guest has different disorders so is the solution has to be custom. The therapy team after their initial consultation will develop a specific programme for each guest. With only a phone call a guest can access VillaRamadas GGZ.