Our Experts

Care at Highest Level

VillaRamadas GGZ experts are multi disciplinary team of Psychiatrist, Physician, Clinical Psychologist, Psychologists, Addiction Counsellors and Nurses who live, on a daily basis, the philosophes that form the basis of our treatments. Every individual team member is focused on the client’s recovery process within his or her area of expertise.

From the initial consultation through to the follow up or after care programme a client will benefit from the differing skill set of each unique member of staff. Your standards and expectations will be met by our experience, passion, and discretion. We make sure that your stay reaches the best possible outcome.Our highly skilled team will take care of your every need 24 hours a day.

Dr. Eduardo Ramadas da Silva CEO & Clinical Director
Dr. Margarida Duarte Psychiatrist
Dr. Rita Chaves Physician
Virgínia Braz Clinical Psychologist
Dra. Filipa Oliveira Clinical Psychologist
Dra. Sofia Rebelo Clinical Psychologist
Dra. Catarina Areias Clinical Psychologist
Fernando Saraiva Life Coach & Addiction Counsellor
Dra. Judite Fortuna Sociologist & Addiction Counsellor
José Carlos Life Coach & Addiction Counsellor
Cristiana Gomes Nurse
Diana Gomes Nurse
Inês Reis Nurse
Dr. Tânia Caetano Clinical Director Advisor
Dr. João Augusto Admissions Director
Dr. Josephine Swift Administrative Director
Vitor João Admissions
Dr. Vanessa Sardinha Administrative
Amadeu Cordeiro Personal Trainer